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Food Recipes - Quick, Easy And Cheap

I lead a pretty busy life running my business Heritage Ceilings.  I also have a hungry husband and two very hungry  teenage children.
As you can imagine, I don't have a lot of time for food preparation or cooking.  I like recipes that can be slapped together in a hurry and if they don't create masses of washing up after then that is an added bonus.   I'm not into sifting flour and I dislike separating egg whites and yolks (especially when one or the other ends up being wasted).  I try to keep the fat content of my recipes to a minimum so you won't see masses of cream or huge dollops of butter going into many recipes I cook.   And guess what?  I love my family to come home and smell the delicious aromas of home cooked food. We rarely eat fast take-away food.  We don't need to.

Making it yourself means you don't need to use any unhealthy additives, and in most cases making it yourself is cheaper.  But best of all it tastes superior.  Try it and ask for the opinion of the people you've cooked for.

Cheap tomato ketchup recipe. Click here.
Each summer make your own tomato ketchup. 
It's so easy!

Cheap And Easy Food That You Can Slap Together:

     Egg Recipes
     Eggs really are a budget ingredient so
     I've classified these recipes into their
     own section


     Biscuits & Cookies
     Try Anzac Biscuits, full of fibre
     and they keep so well plus Chocolate
     Cherubs and many more



    More great recipes:   Rice Recipes  

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