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You Can Prepare Quick, Easy And Cheap Recipes And
Yet Still Cook A Nutritious And Tasty Meal

I hope this website will inspire others to cook at home more often rather than visit the take-away outlets that are fuelling our nation's obesity problems.


Cheap and Easy Recipes
A variety of recipes that are easy to make.

Mango chutney - the best chutney you'll ever eat.
Mango chutney - a taste sensation

Food Facts
I like collecting interesting facts about the food we eat.  For instance did you know the banana plant is a herb?

Occasionally I digress and talk about experiences and memories I associate with some of my recipes.  I'm a chatty person by nature so this flows on into my website.  When I think about a certain recipe I become transported back to the time I first made it or back to the person who gave the recipe to me. So, I share some of these memories with you. So, go ahead and try some of my Recipes.

Jean Morrison

  Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe
Stuffed Mushrooms

Healthy beef and vegetable nachos
Healthy Beef and Vegetable Nachos
with light sour cream



Use the freshest eggs possible when baking my cheap and easy cake recipes.   Eggs, butter and sugar are the main ingredients for cheap and easy cake recipes.   Nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked bread - the ultimate comfort food.   Eating tomatoes at least twice a week is thought to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.



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Cheap & easy recipes
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