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Make your own Laundry Powder

Can you look in your laundry and bathroom cupboards and find umpteen tins and bottles of pungent, toxic cleaners?

One whiff of any of them will probably leave you short of breath.  These cleaners are wiped around toilet seats, baths and  kitchen surfaces, not to mention the fact that our clothes are drenched in them each time we do the washing. 

 A lot of cleaning products are absorbed by our skin.  Many are carcinogenic and many can affect our central nervous system. 

 So far we have only mentioned the affect on our bodies but what about the affect on our environment.  That's another story we don't need to go into here as you are well aware of how fragile it is. 

Lets get down to something constructive and make some healthy cleaners.  Most of ingredients are in your pantry right now, so let's get started:


Have a go at making your own laundry powder


Make your own laundry powder:

Instructions &  Method

4 cups soap flakes
2 cups washing soda
2 cups borax

Mix together and store in plastic container.

You can buy ready made soap flakes or make your own by
shaving a bar of soap with a potato peeler.




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