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Hello, I'm Jean Morrison. I hope you receive a lot of value from my budget-conscious web site.

Jean MorrisonFirst, a little bit of my history. My Mum grew up in England in the war years so she knew what it was like to make-do and mend. My Dad died young, at 43 years of age, so Mum had to somehow create an income for herself and us kids. There was no Widow's Pension in England back in the 60's. Luckily we had a large house so Mum took in boarders and we survived on the money she earned from both housing and feeding them.  Her accommodation was regarded  as excellent  and  it became greatly sought after. Later on my Mum married a second time and after that we migrated from England to Australia.  My step father turned out to be a bit of a drunkard who wouldn't  hold down a job so poor Mum struggled on little money yet again.  Mum raised us four kids on masses of love. The poor Darling didn't have much else to raise us on. 

Mum died on 23rd August 2008.   She had severe dementia.    This web site is dedicated to my lovely Mum.


     Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products
     You don't need to buy expensive facial
     scrubs, face masks and toners -
     simply make your own! 

     Natural Home Remedies for Dry Skin
     Many people are prone to dry skin, but
     gentle treatments can restore the radiance
     and healthy appearance.


  In The Kitchen
  Make life easier for yourself by saving time
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  Cheap & Easy Tips For Organic Gardens
  Learn how to grow your own organic
  vegies, plant a lawn, tips on outdoor
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