Stretch The Budget With Vegetarian Recipes

Some folk choose to be vegetarians for health reasons, some because of their religious or ethical beliefs and others opt for a vegetarian diet as they believe it conserves our planet's resources. Those resourceful people realize that it takes a lot of energy to breed, feed and care for livestock, not to mention the energy required to process meat.  This amounts to a lot more energy being expended than it does to grow grains and vegies. I like vegetarian meals because they taste delicious, because they don't leave me feeling bloated and, more often than not, they are cheaper than meat inclusive meals.

Research first before choosing a vegetarian lifestyle

Vegetarian meals need to be balanced nutritionally.  You can't just swap meat for an extra vegetable.  If you choose a vegetarian lifestyle then you must do a lot of research on the nutritional values of food before you start.  Otherwise you may end up with an unbalanced diet which will soon affect your health.  These are some of our families favourites:

Aussie Frittata
Substantial recipe started in the frying pan and finished off in the oven. Bean Curry
A very budget conscious meal and very tasty too

Cheese and Onion Tart
You can vary the cheeses if needed.

Cheese and Zucchini Slice
Beat it all together, cook 40 mins. Serve hot or cold.

Chickpea Curry
Serve with rice, noodles or couscous

Chickpea and Sweet Potato Patties
Nutritious recipe full of essential fibre

Crunchy Nut Loaf
Sounds weird but cornflakes go in this recipe

Curried Eggs
A very budget-minded recipe

Eggplant, Potato and Mushroom Bake
Rustic recipe with heaps of flavour

Home-made Baked Beans
You'll never buy the canned variety again when you've tried these

Lentil and Rice One-Pot Meal
This is real comfort food and so economical

Nutty Bean Patties
They have a nice creamy consistency

Quinoa & Cashew Curry
Very quick to make and it's all cooked in one pan.

Bean Curd Burgers
These are excellent in a bread roll or served as part of the main course

Vegetarian Sausage Rolls
Made with chickpeas, cashews oats and vegies

Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese
Now what could be cheaper !

Rice Salad
Colourful recipe featuring cashews, apples and more.

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