Make Your Own Jams, Chutneys, Relishes & Ketchups

I really enjoy making jams, chutneys, sauces and relishes. Nothing beats the thrill of cooking up the latest in-season produce, knowing you will have it stored in the pantry ready for use later in the year.

Make your preserves when the fruit and vegetables are in season and then they will be cheaper. Last summer I made enough tomato ketchup to last us about three years. We grew the tomatoes ourselves which makes it taste even nicer.

I keep a few jars back especially to give away to friends. These jars are beautifully labelled and have little rounds of pretty fabric secured to their tops. My teenage daughter, Hayley, helps me in this area as she is quite artistic. If someone arrives unexpectedly with a gift then we have something special to give back.

Added later: We are still using the last batch of sauce I made 5 years ago - it is still perfect!


Apricot Jam
Probably the cheapest jam you can make & handy to use in curry recipes

Date and Tomato Chutney
Nice chunky chutney

Lemon Marmalade
4 lemons create 4 good sized jars

Lemon and Passion fruit Marmalade
Somewhere between a jam and a marmalade

Lemon Spread
Tangy spread for scones, cakes or eaten by the teaspoonful, if you're me

4 C's Mango Chutney
This mild fruity chutney has the flavour of the Middle East

Mango Chutney
In my opinion this is the probably the best recipe on this web site

Pickled Cucumber Slices
Simple recipe and hardly any cooking at all. Colourful in the jar.

Pineapple & Pear Relish
Has a beautiful reach yellow colour

Strawberry Jam
The most popular jam of all

Tomato Ketchup
Make it yourself and you don't need colouring or preservatives. It lasts for years

Tomato Relish
Tasty with cheese and crackers

Tooty Fruity Jam
You can make this even when there is no stone fruit or berries around

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