Family-Sized Meat Recipes That Won't Break The Budget

My family are not great eaters of meat. We are certainly not into steak and vegies every night - in fact I'm not much good at cooking steak anyway. We occasionally have a roast dinner but even then it is cooked in a way that minimizes fat consumption.

Heaps of meat signifies heaps of cholesterol to me. We eat chicken regularly and I strive to use turkey mince probably once a week. I was told once that turkeys don't get fed hormones and antibiotics which sounds pretty good to me. There doesn't seem to be much fat in turkey mince which is another bonus.

My family enjoys rissoles whether I make them from beef or from chicken and we always seem to have left-overs which are eagerly devoured by our 19 year-old for breakfast the next morning. The recipe is listed below. Any other left-overs are used later that day sliced up in sandwiches - that's if Rissole Boy hasn't already scoffed them. See what you think about these cheap and easy meat recipes:


Balti Chicken
Sesame seeds, cumin and coriander in recipe

Beef and Vegetable Nachos
A great way to get vegies into your children

Beef, Beer and Dumplings
Comfort food

Beef Casserole
Lovely recipe for winter

Caesar Salad Meal
Salad recipe with a few meaty extras thrown in. To die for !

Chicken Liver Pate
Delicious served with savoury biscuits or on toast

Chicken and Mushrooms
20 minutes to cook

Chicken and Rice Pie
Chicken & vegie base with a delicious rice topping

Chicken and Sun Dried Tomato Rissoles
Feta cheese make these very tasty.

Cocktail Franks With Beans
Easy to make recipe that children love

Cottage Pie
Red wine goes in the meat mixture

Crunchy Beef Rissoles
Tinned water chestnuts make the rissoles crunchy

Fried Rice Combo
Highly nutritious meal using brown rice, chicken and bean sprouts

Glazed Baked Ham
Easy Baked Ham coated in a scrumptious glaze

Glazed Meat Loaf
Quick-mix tasty recipe

Healthy Tropical Chicken Burgers
The pineapple rings give these burgers a taste of paradise

Lamb Rissoles with Eggplant
Middle eastern recipe

Meat Ball Casserole
All cooked in the one pot so there's less washing up after

Meat Marinade
Handy little recipe

Mrs. Neumann's Rissoles
Just about our family's absolute favourite

Not-Too-Hot Beef Curry
Even those who don't much like curry will enjoy this meal.

Pork and Apple Pie
Sounds weird but tastes divine. One of our family favourites

Pork and Corn Mince
You can be eating this in much less than 15 minutes

Potato and Bacon Hotpot
Even the most hopeless cook will manage this one easily

Quinoa & Mushroom Curry
Includes bacon, carrots and mild spices
all cooked in just one pan

Risotto With Mushrooms
Creamy rice with bacon, mushrooms and peas

Satay Chicken
You can have it on the table in 50 minutes. Dead easy!

Sausage Rolls
This recipe has carrot and onion in the mixture.

Savoury Puff Pastry Squares
Good as part of a main course or finger food for a supper

Shepherd's Pie (Low fat)
Good old winter favourite in our house. You can easily change the vegies

Spaghetti Bolognese
Kids adore this recipe and it takes no time to make

Spicy Pork Meatballs
Quick to make. Kids love them

Stuffed Capsicum Peppers
Red capsicums stuffed with beef mince and rice

Stuffed Mushrooms
Minced turkey, garlic, ginger and rice in these

Stuffed Zucchinis
Bacon, onion, Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs in them

Thai Noodles (Phad Thai)
I'm sure I could eat this every night for dinner. It's my favourite Thai meal

Turkey Meat Loaf
The glaze on this meatloaf is divine. It's almost better than the meatloaf itself

Turkey Meatballs With Spaghetti
The meatballs have only three ingredients

Turkey Stew
The gravy juices are the best! Serve with vegetables

Turkish Lamb Burgers With Pumpkin
Divine burger recipe with roasted pumpkin slices and Feta cheese

Two Minute Noodle Omelettes
Use ham or chicken or both with heaps of vegies.


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