Savoury Puff Pastry Squares


My sister Pauline invented this recipe. Pauline lives near the Wanneroo markets, north of Perth. They have an incredible number of fruit and vegetable stalls at the market which operates late in the week and on weekends.

Whenever my sister comes down our way she makes sure she visits the market before she comes and she brings produce that is much cheaper and fresher than I could ever buy here. Wanneroo capsicums (mild peppers) are always in her bag of goodies


Savoury Puff Pastry Squares









Preparation time: 25 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Quantity: Serves 6

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3 sheets of puff pastry measuring 24 cm square
220 gm container light Philadelphia cheese
1 big onion, chopped finely
1 red capsicum, chopped finely
250 gm chopped bacon
1 teaspoon oil



Pre heat oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Thaw the frozen pastry and cut each sheet into four squares.

Cook the onion, capsicum and bacon bits in the oil for about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile warm the Philadelphia cheese slightly to make it spread easier.

Spread the cream cheese evenly over the 12 pastry squares but avoid the edge of the pastry by about 1.5 cms. (1/2 inch). Evenly divide and spread the capsicum mixture over the cream cheese.

Bake at 200 degrees Celsius (about 400 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 15 minutes.

Serves 6 with vegetables or salad on the side.



This is also a nice supper recipe. They can be eaten as finger food too. For a stand up buffet you could cut the pastry into smaller squares with three pastry sheets making a total of 48 smaller portions.


Food Facts:

Capsicums are from the nightshade family. They originated in Central and South America. They come in an amazing array of colours from bright red, yellows, oranges, purples and greens. Capsicums can be eaten in their raw form or they can be cooked. They range from very mild spiciness to extremely hot! Most species of capsicums contain capsaicin which is the chemical that causes the hot burning sensation when they are eaten. they are good sources of vitamin C.

Onions are high in energy and have good amounts of B6, B1, and Folic acid in them. They contain chemicals which fight free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals cause disease and destruction in our cells. Onions have anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties in them. These properties are most potent when the onion is eaten raw. Onions raise the levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol and they lower the levels of the bad LDL cholesterol.



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