Mango Chutney


We migrated to Australia way back in the 60's and lived in tropical Cairns on the far north Queensland coast. We had a mango tree in our back yard and mangoes quickly became my favourite fruit. Our neighbour (affectionately called Aunty Lorna) used to make mango chutney. I wish that I had got her recipe back then. It's taken me ages to come up with this recipe which is pretty close to what she made. Mango chutney, cheese and cracker biscuits - now I can make a meal out of that combination! By the way, my last neighbour Kerry, reckons this is the best chutney recipe, of any type, that she has ever eaten.

Photograph shows a batch bubbling away in the pan. The fully cooked version is browner than what you see in the photograph.

Divine recipe for Mango Chutney









Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Quantity: Makes 4 - 5 jars

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1.4 kg chopped mango flesh (about 5 large mangoes)
2 cups white vinegar
4 cups sugar
1 and 1/2 cups sultanas
1 level tablespoons salt
1 level teaspoon ground ginger
1 level teaspoon allspice or mixed spice
1/4 level teaspoon cayenne pepper
6 peppercorns
6 cloves
6 large cloves garlic, finely chopped



Boil the mango cubes and sultanas in the vinegar for 15 minutes. Add sugar, boil 15 minutes

Add remainder of ingredients and boil until thick. This will take about 40 minutes boiling at a reasonably rapid rate. You need to be vigilant and stir the chutney every few minutes or it will stick to the bottom of the pan.

Carefully pour into hot sterilized jars. Seal whilst hot. Makes 4 - 5 jars.



I like using white vinegar for this recipe to retain as much mango colour as possible, but if you only have brown vinegar, go ahead and use it.

If you like lots of garlic then go ahead and add more. Go carefully when measuring the cayenne pepper. Too much will spoil the recipe.

Use the deepest and largest saucepan you have because the chutney will splash and splutter everywhere especially when you are stirring it and it can burn your skin.


Food Facts:

Mangoes are rich in vitamin C and beta carotene. They are also reputed to cleanse the blood. Never burn mango leaves or branches, the toxic fumes can cause serious irritation to the eyes and lungs. Be very careful of the stem end of mangos if any part of the branch or leaf is attached, as the sap can cause allergic reactions



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