Honey Mustard Dressing


I absolutely love this dressing. It's as close as I can get to one that is served at a local restaurant here in Bunbury. It couldn't be any easier to make. It's totally scrumptious for dipping wedges into and goes well with seafood and salad too.

Honey Mustard Dressing









Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 0 minutes
Quantity: Makes 200 mls

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1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons prepared Dijon mustard
2 tablespoons runny honey
1 tablespoon lemon or lime juice
Pinch salt
Pepper to taste



Whisk all ingredients together in a small bowl. Keep chilled.


Food Facts:

Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners ever used. It is produced by honey bees from the nectar of flowers. The flavour and colour of the honey is very much dependent on the source of the nectar and the method of production. When bees make honey they store it with the intention of consuming it themselves during times when food is scarce. Humans have been hunting for honey for over 10,000 years. The main uses of honey are in cooking, baking and as a spread. Honey is the main ingredient in the alcoholic beverage mead. Because of its properties honey preserves itself very well. Small residues of edible honey have even been found in the pharaoh's tombs.

Lemons originated in China. The Chinese emperors used to like lemonade. 1 medium lemon has 18 calories. Lemons contain phosphorous, potassium, calcium, beta carotene and fibre. The pectin in lemons has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels. With a spoonful of honey added a hot lemon drink is soothing to those who have colds and sore throats.



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