Chocolate Cherub Biscuits


I love these dense chocolatey biscuits. They are probably my favourite biscuit of all time. I bite all around the edge of the biscuit and leave the best part with the cherry until last.

The recipe makes heaps and they are handy to go in lunch boxes too.

Divine Chocolate Cherub Biscuits









Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Quantity: 40 biscuits

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250 gm butter
3/4 cup sugar
2 cups SR flour
1/3 cup milk
3 tablespoons cocoa
12 Weetbix, crushed finely

Chocolate icing
2 teaspoons butter
1 tablespoon cocoa
1 and 1/2 cups icing sugar
Small amount of water to mix

Optional glace cherry halves or pecans to decorate



Pre heat oven to 150 degrees Celsius.

Cream the butter and sugar. Add flour, milk and cocoa. Mix well. Stir in the Weetbix. Again, mix well.

Shape into large balls and with wet fingers flatten onto a large, lined baking tray.

Cook for about 20 minutes. Cool and ice.

Melt butter and cocoa. Add icing sugar and sufficient water to make a thick but spreadable icing. Top each biscuit with icing and decorate with cherry halves or pecans.



Sometimes I make these into small biscuits and other times into the giant sized specimens that you see in boutique coffee shops.


Food Facts:

Wheat is one of the most important grain crop in the world. It is the most produced grain, followed by corn and then rice. Wheat originated in south west Asia. Wheat can be processed into flour, cracked wheat, malt, bulgur and semolina. China is the top producer of wheat in the world. China produce four times as much wheat as Australia.



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