Natural Home Remedies For Health Problems

There are many everyday ailments that we can treat at home without necessitating a doctor's visit and without buying potions from the pharmacy. These remedies are intended for minor ailments and should the problem not rectify itself within a reasonable amount of time then you should seek professional medical advice.

Most of these remedies use pantry ingredients. They are solutions that have worked for people around the globe. I haven't tried all these remedies so I can't say if they work or not. All I can say is that other people have found success with them. They may or may not suit you. Also consider that you may have allergies to some of the remedies so be careful and sensible in their application.


Age spots and sun spots
Remedies that will fade your age spots and make you look younger.

Bad breath and how to fix it
Bacteria in the mouth can be overcome in a few simple steps.

Coughs, colds and winter ailments
Find out how to relieve coughing and sore throats. Is the flu different to a cold?

Drink more water
Find out exactly when to drink it

Hints to ease the discomfort. Find out why it is worse at night.

Head lice and their removal
Find out how to eradicate them and stop them returning again.

Learn what causes them and how to quickly get rid of them.

Leg cramps
Lots of ways to get rid of them and stop them in the future.

Smelly feet cures
Lots of ideas here.

Snoring and how to stop it
Find out if there are lifestyle factors that are causing your snoring.

Toothache - ease pain
The cause of toothache and how you can cope with it until you reach a dentist.

Warts and how to get rid of them
No need to get them frozen off. Try these home remedies.