Green Cleaning Products

If you are spending heaps on various cleaning products for your house then you need to check out the "recipes" below.

Not only will these home made products save you money but by using them you will help our fragile planet, not to mention creating a less toxic home in which to live. We should rarely need to use harsh chemicals in our everyday cleaning regimen.

Learn about the ingredients you will be using. With these items you can set about making all the cleaning concoctions needed. Please ensure that everything you make is labelled correctly.

Bathroom tiles
No need to use those smelly spray-ons

Brass items
Make up your own paste or soaking solution

Copper items
"Acids" you have in your cupboard will work well here

Remove lingering odours

Have a blocked drain? Find out how to unblock it without using commercial cleaners

General cleaning
Find out how to make a multi-purpose cleaner

Lino floors
Use hot water and a secret ingredient

Microwave ovens
Easily clean up those spills and splatterings

Make your own oven cleaner and you won't need to wear a gas mask in the kitchen again

For furniture, silverware, copper and brass

Pots and pans
For baking dishes, non stick frying pans and more ...

Bring your silverware back to its former glory

Sinks and tubs
No need to use Jif or the generic look a likes

Believe it or not - 7 different ways to clean a toilet!

Spray cleaner
Buy yourself a spray bottle and use this mixture for all sorts of jobs

Windows and mirrors
Make your own spray

Laundry powder
No need to buy this expensive item again

Laundry liquid
Make your own and you can add some essential oils to it

Fabric softener
Using commercial fabric softener is not good for your washing machine

Mould killer and disinfectant
Two very excellent solutions here in these recipes

Creamy cleaning liquid
You can add essential oils to this mixture and make your house smell delightful as you clean

Dish washing liquid
Put lemon essential oil in the mixture for really fresh smelling dishes

Deodorizer and disinfectant
No need to mix anything together with this one ingredient cleaner. It's that simple !