Beauty hints and tips that will save you money

Most people at some stage in their lives wish they were more beautiful, more handsome, had shinier hair etc. We can go to cosmetic counters and buy fancy, expensive products but are they really worth the cost? I've gathered together some home made beauty recipes and many hints that will save you money.

If you would like to add some tips of your own then please contact me and perhaps we can include them on this web site. All hints will be acknowledged on this site if the writer is agreeable.

Good old hot water and a bar of soap is not the way to go - find out what is best to use.

Dark Eye Circles & Puffy Eyes
Lots of natural things for you to try.

Exfoliating products you can make at home.

Face Masks
Learn how important they are and then find out how to make your own face masks.

False Teeth
Discover healthy ways to clean your false teet.

General beauty hints
Some tips here for all of us.

Find out how to have a healthy head of hair.

How To Stop Your Nails Splitting
Keeping your hands away from dish washing
is the first step.

Tips and hints on how to best apply your make up.

Making Hair Dye Fade Faster
If you don't like that colour you can find out
how to decrease it quicker.

Tips on keeping your skin moisturized. Most of this doesn't get bought over the counter.

Making Your Teeth Whiter
Find ways to do it without paying your dentist big dollars.

Removing Blackheads
Lots of cheap and natural things to try here.

What is the purpose of toning your skin? Find out why we should all do it.

Weight loss
Common sense practices that you can follow to lose weight. Rewards are needed, as is the the correct mind-set. Learn more.......