Economical Family Recipes For Fish & Seafood

I love fish and seafood and I would cheerfully eat it in lieu of meat any day.  However, fish in Australia is quite expensive. 

Considering we live in Bunbury, which is a port city on the Indian Ocean side of Australia, one would think fish would be relatively cheap.  You couldn't be more wrong.  Most of the seafood we see in our supermarkets is imported, which is such a pity.  Only this morning I saw crab patties at a local fish shop - $2.95 each and boy were they small.  Jeremy and Ian would have eaten at least five each.  We need to go crabbing and then I shall invent a crab patties recipe of my own. I try to cook fish twice a week so that we at least get the vital nutrients that fish supplies.  I choose from:


Aboriginal Fish
Exquisite tastes of lime juice and honey

Baked Lemon Fish Fillets
Very quick to prepare and cook

Creamed Corn and Salmon Bake
Mix it all together in one bowl and bake for 45 minutes

Creamy Seafood and Rice
This recipe actually uses a tin of cream of chicken soup

Crumbed Fish
With cornflakes, sesame and herb coating

Crust less Salmon Quiche
Quiche recipe using salmon, eggs and zucchini

Fish and Corn Patties
Fish patties with a distinctive Thai flavour

Fish And Vegetable Pie
With a decorative bread lattice on the top

Fish Cakes
The more potato you use the cheaper the recipe becomes

Ginger Squid with Bok Choy
If you don't have squid you could use chicken

Prawn Rice Salad
Colourful and easy to make

Seafood Pasta
Very quick to make and you choose the seafood according to your budget

Sesame Prawn Toasts - Healthy Version
These prawn toasts are not deep fried so they are much healthier than the commercial variety

Tuna and Sweet Corn Bake
You can use tinned tuna salmon or mackerel

Yellow Fish Soup
Uses smoked cod, celery and red capsicum


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