Choosing and storing fresh produce to maximize nutrition

We need to be ever vigilant about buying fresh produce. So much food these days is depleted of nutrition for various reasons.

If possible, buy organic fruit, vegetables and meat so that you are reducing your intake of pesticides and other chemicals.

In some places organic food is simply not available or, if it is, then it may be very expensive. So, do the best you can under your own particular circumstances.

If you have a back yard and plenty of sunshine then have a go at growing your own vegetables and fruit. Nothing tastes better than home grown tomatoes and strawberries so start with those and proceed to others as you gain more confidence.

Always aim to buy fresh produce when it is in season as that is when it is cheapest and most nutritious. Think about how you store your fresh produce. Quality and nutrition can be compromised by poor storage habits. Helpful ideas are listed in the categories below:


Fish - How does the fish smell and can you see freezer burn?

Fruit - What colour should your fruit be when you buy it? And how soft is too soft?

Meat - Which parts of the animal produce the tougher meat?

Vegetables - What textures should you be looking for?