How to remove stains from brickwork

Many stains can be removed from brickwork if you thoroughly wash the wall with a common household cleaner. Use a stiff brush and rinse well after. If the stains have not disappeared then you might care to browse through the information below:


Removing stains

First you might need help to identify what has caused the stain. Selecting the correct agent to clean it is important or you may seal the stain into the brick. Always try to use the mildest cleaning agent that will work for you, leaving the strong acids to be used only as a last resort. Particularly, do not use acid on limestone or marble and if you must resort to it, then only ever pour acid slowly into water. Never attempt to pour water into acid.

Wear protective clothing, gloves and eye protection for the job. Try cleaning the stains from an inconspicuous area first as a test run. This will enable you to gauge the effectiveness and also to see if it makes matters worse. Read on......

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