Learn how to re-point brick walls

Older brick walls sometimes need attention. Their most common problem is crumbling mortar. You can repair deteriorated joints by tucking mortar into them which is a process called pointing or tuck pointing.

This is a very labour intensive job which is usually expensive. If you can do it yourself obviously you are going to save a lot of money. Firstly the old mortar needs to be removed. There are special tools to help you - here you will be able to find out which tools are essential. You can also find out the best way to remove the dust and debris before you replace the mortar.


How do I re point a brick wall ?

The information below will show you how to use the tools of the trade so you don't damage the existing brickwork. You will also find out what is the correct mortar to use for your job and how to style the mortar. Finally you will learn how to finish the wall off professionally.

PRESERVATION WORKS - Watch a You-tube video

DIY DOCTOR - Illustrates tools for the job and has pictures of the various procedures.

MASONRY MAGAZINE - Article on how to properly restore pointing in old buildings

DIY DOCTOR - How to replace an individual brick in a wall

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