Keeping water and storm damage to a minimum

The more urbanized we become, the more problems we will have with storm water run-off. Once upon a time virtually all rain water fell and sank into the ground. We've built homes, factories, shopping centres, roads, car parks etc. and all of these prevent rain seeping into the ground upon impact. The rain simply has to run off somewhere else. It heads off into drains and water ways and the sediment it takes with it creates more problems elsewhere. The run-off can deplete the water ways of oxygen and can cause contamination from chemicals. We can all help to reduce this ever increasing problem by simply making a few changes at home. You can:


Learn how to reduce water and storm damage to your home

Tornados, cyclones and storms can create huge amounts of damage to our homes. We can do the obvious things such as:

Here you can find more ways to minimize the damage and hopefully save yourself a lot of expense.

ALL WET - How to keep moisture out of historic buildings

STORM TRACK - Lessons learned from studying tornado damage (heavy reading but interesting)

Find tips here on other projects you may be able to handle yourself