Correct hanging pictures and photographs

Whether you own your own home or rent your place you most likely want to hang up some photographs or pictures to show your tastes and to decorate your home. To avoid doing too much damage to the walls you want to get the job right the first time. How do you intend to line up or group your pictures? They can be aligned according to the tops of the frames, the centre of the picture or according to the bottoms of the pictures. How many pictures should be placed in a group and still have the group looking artistic? Read on and you will find the answers to those questions and more.

How Do I Hang Pictures And Photographs ?

Put just as much thought into how you group the pictures as where you will actually hang them. They can be grouped in various ways to create different effects. Should you hang them according to size and shape, according to colour or theme? Learn from experts and find out the answers......

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