Learn the ins and outs of framing and hanging doors

The weight of the door and whether it is internal or external, determines how big your hinges should be and whether you need two or three hinges.

Now where exactly should those hinges be placed? There are set distances that work well so you need to know them.

Something not often thought about is this: is the door frame square? You will have a lot of trouble trying to fit a square door into a non-square door frame. Sometimes the door frame may need to be replaced.


How do I frame and hang a door ?

A lot of time and effort can be wasted here if you don't have sufficient knowledge. Peruse these articles and you will end up with a neater job and a door that actually latches properly.

READERS DIGEST GUIDE - How to hang a new door

ACE - Information includes helpful diagrams and charts.

DIY DOCTOR - Hanging an internal door. Helpful photographs in this door hanging link.

E HOW.COM - How to install a storm door.

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