Learn how to diagnose and fix problems in stairs

Stairs not only need to be fixed because they can be dangerous but also because they creak and become annoying when wood is rubbing against wood. Some stairs are a lot easier to fix than others depending on their construction - some really do need to be fixed by professionals. The hints and tips below will allow you to get an understanding of the staircase construction so that you can make s decision as to whether it is viable to fix the stairs yourself or not.


How do I replace treads and risers in stairs ?

These links should help you diagnose your stair problem(s) and enable you to know if it is a DIY job or one for the professionals..

PRACTICAL DIY - Diagram explaining what the various components of staircases are named

DIY-FIX-IT - How to deal with creaking stairs

ALL ABOUT THE HOME - Emphasis on basement stairs and damp basements

LETS DO DIY - Covers various aspects of stair repair

Find tips here on other projects you may be able to handle yourself