Fixing damp in your walls

The first problem to be solved is locating where the damp is originating from. It could it be as simple as guttering that is blocked which then forces the water back in toward the house walls or even a leaking pipe or broken roof tile causing the damp.


Don't delay when fixing damp in walls

This seems to be a problem in so many homes. The problem needs to be fixed as soon as you have diagnosed it. Delaying will only make the job more time consuming and expensive to fix. Dampness can cause health issues and it can also weaken the structure of the building. The fact sheets below will help you diagnose the problem and hopefully cure it fast before it gets out of control.


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THIS OLD HOUSE - Fixing cracks in concrete

REAL ESTATE AGENTS.COM - So, you have a basement that gets damp

ALL ABOUT HOME - Problems in basements including damp

SALT DAMP - South Australian website dealing with rising damp

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