How to clear blocked drains and toilets


Are pieces of food and fat being disposed of down your kitchen drain? Do you flush a jug of boiling water down your kitchen sinks on a weekly basis - you should do! Do you have a bath strainer to stop hairs going down the plug hole in the bathroom? Think about the things that could be blocking up your drains and ensure you no longer let them end up in your drainage system. After all, you don't want to be doing this mucky job again in the future.

Blockages are not just caused by items that shouldn't go down a drain. Sometimes they occur because of a structural defect, corrosion or tree roots entering drain pipes.


How do I clear blocked drains or toilets?

If just one of your outlets has stopped flowing - perhaps just the sink, then it is likely that your drains aren't blocked and it is just a U bend or other pipe that has a blockage. Read on ..............

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