Natural home remedies for toothache


The main cause of toothache is tooth decay caused by eating sugary and refined foods and by not cleaning teeth properly.

Acids are formed when the mouth bacteria break down the sugars. These same acids decay teeth by eroding their enamel exterior. Other times toothache can be caused by a fractured tooth. Either way if you can not get access to a dentist immediately you will be looking for remedies to help with the pain. The hints below will help you until such times as you can access professional help.


Toothache - tips and hints

Change your diet to include very little sugary food and in its place eat lots of raw vegetables.

Place a cut clove of garlic plus a little salt onto the affected tooth. This will ease the pain.

Place a piece of cold cucumber on the tooth.

Place real vanilla extract on a cotton ball and apply to the sore tooth leaving the cotton ball in place for a few minutes.

Similarly place a small piece of onion on the tooth or gum.

Place a small slice of fresh ginger root on the sore tooth. Replace the ginger every so often.

A clove or clove oil, dropped onto a cotton ball and applied to the tooth will ease pain. Do not use this remedy on small children.

Soak cotton wool in vinegar and place on sore tooth.

Hold a wet tea bag against the tooth.

Rinse the mouth several times with warm salt water.

Chew ice on the side of your mouth that is hurting.

Swill very cold water around in your mouth until the pain begins to subside. Repeat as necessary.

A warm heat pack, placed against the side of the head where the pain is, may enable you to sleep better when you have toothache.


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