Natural home remedies for leg cramps


The nerves in our bodies tell our muscles when to contract. Sometimes these nerve messages get mixed up and painful muscular cramps are the result.

Cramps occurring when playing sport are often caused by not drinking sufficient water and by not doing warm up exercises. Over doing exercise and over heating also contribute.

Night time or resting cramps can be caused by circulation problems.


Leg cramps - tips and hints on how to avoid this painful condition

Walking, walking and more walking. As long as I walk each day I don't have cramps in my legs and feet at night. I've also used the exercise bike instead of walking and this works almost as well.... author.

As ridiculous as this sounds, try placing a cork down inside the bottom of your bed if you suffer from foot and leg cramps at night. I've done this myself and it works well. So that it doesn't move around, I now place the cork in between the mattress protector and the fitted sheet. I place it over towards the edge of the bed at the level where my feet would be. Now I'm walking I don't bother with this one any more... Author.

Slivers of soap inside a pair of socks is said to help.

I've also been told that a piece of string tied around the ankle works well for foot cramps. Sounds strange but may well be worth a try.

Rub tarragon, chamomile or lavender essential oils on the affected area. Lavender is said to be especially good.

Leg cramps are sometimes a sign of electrolyte imbalance. A solution is to increase your consumption of magnesium and calcium. Eat lots of leafy greens. If necessary consult a professional regarding calcium and magnesium supplements. Good food sources of calcium are low fat dairy products and sardines with bones. Good sources of magnesium are nuts, whole grain foods and beans.

Try squeezing your upper lip by applying pressure from your index finger and thumb. This acupressure remedy works well. Press into the sore muscle fairly hard and hold the pressure for about 10 seconds. Use your finger tips and repeat this action several times over if necessary.

Each day drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in it. This is good for general health anyway. Take it first thing each morning.

Take magnesium tablets, 500 - 750 mg. per day but preferably consult your natural health adviser who will take into account your specific needs.

Eat bananas on a daily basis. Bananas contain potassium, a lack of which can cause cramps.

Potassium tablets can also be beneficial but, as in the magnesium remedy, it is better to consult your natural therapist who will advise you on the quantities you need.

Quinine tablets can be highly beneficial for cramp sufferers. Drink tonic water.

Rub Vicks onto the soles of your feet for foot cramps.


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