Natural home remedies for earache


Did you ever feel that earache is always worse at night? Well it is. During the day time our heads are mostly vertical so our Eustachian Tubes drain away well. Additionally, these tubes drain well as a consequence of our daily chewing and yawning actions. Chewing and yawning contract the tubes, opening them and allowing air in to the middle ear and allowing the tubes to drain. At night our heads are horizontal so the air doesn't get in so well. The tubes don't drain and then they can get blocked. Any earache we are susceptible to therefore becomes worse at night.


Earache tips and hints

The best solution to earache is to see your Doctor so the problem can be diagnosed and dealt with properly. However, in the meantime there are some remedies you can try:

Warmth frequently improves earache. Use a hair drier on the lowest setting and direct the air into you ear from a distance of about 450 mm (18 inches). You can also hold a heat pack against your ear.

If you are in bed when earache strikes, try sitting up or raising your head with extra pillows. This will assist the Eustachian Tubes to drain. Swallow as much as you can and yawn too. Both these actions will assist drainage.

As a short term measure pour a small amount of garlic or onion juice in the affected ear. Garlic is an anti biotic.


Try placing some Vicks on a cotton ball and placing it in the affected ear. I'm assured this does work.

Put some Bonjela (teething gel) in your ear canal and then place a small cotton ball in behind it.

Soak a cotton ball in mouthwash and place it in the ear. This is said to work within 10 minutes. See warning note above referring to prior ear drum damage.

If earache is being experienced because of high altitude, such as in an aeroplane, then try chewing on gum. It is best to be awake when a plane is descending. When you are asleep you don't swallow as much so your ears are not able to keep pace with the pressure changes in the aircraft.

If you get earache from swimming (this is called Swimmers Ear) try putting some warmed baby oil or mineral oil in your ear before entering the water.

Earache can be coming from both the inner or the outer ear. Try wiggling your outer ear. If it hurts then the problem is most likely in your outer ear. If wiggling it doesn't increase the pain then your inner ear is most likely the problem area.

Don't forget that earache doesn't necessarily indicate you have an ear problem. The problem can be in another part of your head such as your sinuses, throat or teeth.

Home remedies are only a short term solution. If you have earache that lasts more than 12 - 24 hours (or severe earache that lasts more than an hour or so) then you must consult a health care professional.


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