Make your own cleaner for your microwave oven


Make your own microwave oven cleaner

If your microwave has food particles stuck to it or if it has an unpleasant odour then it is time to cheaply and easily clean it up. Keeping it clean inside also improves its efficiency.

Commercial microwave oven cleaners usually leave a nasty chemical residue behind so they are far from ideal to use in a confined space where heat and food are combined.

There is no real secret to cleaning a microwave oven. You simply need to moisten the splatterings and wipe off them off. Methods below detail those that are most successful.


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Microwave oven cleaner:

Cleaning microwave ovens method 1:
Place 2 cups of water in a bowl and add 2 tablespoons baking soda. Pop it in your microwave and cook it on high for about 90 seconds. Any dried food will then wipe off with a damp cloth, or

Cleaning method 2:
Place 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1 cup water and 1 tablespoon baking soda in a bowl. Heat it in the microwave till it boils. Leave in there for a few minutes by which time the food spills will have softened and should wipe off with a sponge.

Cleaning method 3:
Make up a mixture that is 50% vinegar and 50% water. Heat in the microwave until it boils. The steam in the microwave will loosen the dried on food and a sponge dipped in the mixture will rub off the remainder.

Cleaning method 4:
Place a tablespoon of lemon juice in a mug and top it up with water. Heat in the microwave until boiling point and then let it sit there for 10 minutes. Gunge will wipe away fast and the microwave will smell fantastic.


Did you know:

Most of the commercial cleaning products we have grown up with are petroleum-based and have dubious health and environmental implications. Instead of choosing cleaning products that annihilate everything in their path, there are plenty of natural alternatives that will keep your home clean and fresh-smelling without the toxic side effects.





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