Make your own non-toxic dishwasher deodorizer and cleaner


Make your own dishwasher deodorizer

You would think, by it's very nature, that a dishwasher would clean itself, wouldn't you? They don't though.

The inside of a dishwasher is usually warm, moist and dark so it is an ideal place for bacteria to accumulate. Always remove any food lumps immediately they are noticed. They are obviously going to start rotting and smelling if you don't.

Dishwashers should be cleaned about once a month to remove any grease and scale deposits that can build up plus any other nasties that want to call it their home.

Follow the instructions below and you will find you don't need to buy any of the toxic cleaners that are on the market.


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Sanitize your dishwasher without using nasty chemicals

Instructions & Method

It is best to do this job just after you have run the dishwasher and emptied its contents. Take out all the racks and clean separately in the sink,

Next clean out any visible debris with a damp sponge dipped in baking soda. Use and old soft toothbrush to reach into crevices and awkward areas.

Wipe around the seals with a sponge dipped in white vinegar.

Then do an empty run using baking soda in the detergent section and vinegar in for the rinse. Make the water as hot as it can possibly be in order to clean the machine well. Baking soda will also remove stains in a dishwasher.

Did you know:

Fragrances added to improve odor or to mask an offensive odor have little cleaning value. Many may be harmful to your health and create indoor air pollution.

Take care with concentrated products. Buying concentrated products can reduce the use of packaging and other resources but, by their very strength, they can also pose a greater health and pollution risk than a ready-to-use product.




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