Make your own creamy cleaner for ceramic surfaces


Make your own scrubbing cleaner like Jif

By definition we clean our homes so that we protect our health and keep our possessions looking presentable. Sadly the products we use to keep our homes clean are often undoing all our hard work. What can you do to protect your family from the toxins found in many of today's cleaners? First of all, educate yourself and then set about find safer alternatives. Not only will you be protecting your family's health but you will be helping the environment and saving yourself a substantial amount of money as well.

Most of us use Jif or similar products to clean ceramic and tile surfaces but we can make something that works as well from our pantry ingredients


Read here about the ingredients you will be using



Make a thick creamy cleaner, similar to Jif:

Mix 1 and 3/4 cups of bicarbonate of soda with about 2/3 cup of liquid detergent to make a cream. If you like, you can add a few drops of essential oil such as lavender. All detergents vary so you may need to adjust the quantities slightly. But don't make the solution too thick or you won't be able to squeeze it out of your storage bottle.

This mixture is good for cleaning baths and ceramic sinks.


Did you know:

Detergents, de greasers, stain removers and pesticides have made our homes miniature chemical factories. Hazardous chemicals endanger the environment by contaminating our groundwater, lakes and oceans. If these toxic products in the home are swallowed, absorbed through the skin or inhaled they can cause illnesses that may only appear years later.

When replacing your cleaning products, don't just throw the old ones into the rubbish bin. If they're too toxic for your home, then they are not good for the drain or the landfill either. Many Councils are willing to take nasty goodies off your hands so enquire with them regarding disposal. Throwing chemicals down the drain or into the rubbish bin means they might end up back in your water supply.



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