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Weight loss - ideas to help you achieve your goal


17% of Australian adults are considered obese and 60% of us are considered to be over-weight. The average man has gained 3.5 kgs in the last decade. Worse still - 20% of our children are now either obese or over-weight. 69% of us do nowhere near enough exercise. Australians need to walk an extra 19 km per day to match the activity level of our ancestors

Alarm bells must ring! Surely! Eat to live - don't live to eat.


Weight loss tips and hints

Slow and steady is the best strategy for weight loss.

Make list of " bad foods" that you can give up and make a list of "bad foods" that you will reduce your consumption of. Make a list of healthy foods that you really like and keep your fridge and pantry well stocked with these items.

Make a list of healthy foods that are normally too expensive for your budget and have a couple of these available as rewards for improving your diet. This could be something such as imported, out-of-season fruit.

Take a "before" photograph so you can look back on what you have achieved with your new lifestyle.

Don't eat between meals.

Buy yourself some decent scales. If you feel you must weigh yourself every day then do it at the same time each day. If you find you gained weight after eating especially healthy the day before then don't scold yourself or be miserable over it. Just blame mother nature. It will happen.

Consider the type(s) of exercise that you would be willing to participate in. Aim for exercise that you will enjoy. Don't punish yourself doing sport/exercise that you hate. Most of us can manage walking. Is there some other form of exercise you are willing to participate in as well as walking?

Remove more "bad foods" from your diet on a weekly basis. For example in week one you could try omitting just cakes from your diet. Week two might involve removing cake and biscuits. Week three might be cakes, biscuits and muesli bars. You might chose different foods according to your likes/dislikes. Keep decreasing the variety of problem foods so that after a few weeks you rarely eat "bad foods".

Teach yourself to eat only when you are hungry and to stop eating when you are no longer hungry. There is no need to finish every morsel on the plate. This is difficult to do because we have been programmed to eat everything put in front of us since we were children.

When you are reading magazines that show pictures of rich, creamy desserts (and other bad foods) remind yourself that these foods are revolting and so unhealthy. Psyche yourself into believing that these unhealthy foods are not for you. If you see a picture of a large plate of fish and chips tell yourself that you could not possibly eat it. Give yourself enough of these "bad food" messages and you will start to believe what you are thinking. Initially this is hard to do especially if you are craving that type of food but, believe me, it does get easier.

Have a reward each week when you have tried hard. This does not have to involve a great deal of expense. It could be a walk along the beach with your partner or maybe a foot massage. It could be one of the family taking turn to cook dinner instead of you doing it every night.

Try new recipes using healthy ingredients. Now is the time to try cuisines from other countries.

Keep a diary listing your goals at the front, but make sure these goals are realistic. If you make unrealistic goals you will be setting yourself up for failure right from the word go. Each day write down your progress and the problems you had. Don't be too hard on yourself. There will be days when you go backwards but keep pushing onwards to achieve your goals. Small, achievable goals are far more effective than big, unrealistic goals

Walk every day for at least 30 minutes. If you are particularly unfit then you may have to start with 10 minutes per day. Even if it is pouring with rain or quite hot you can still walk. Maybe you just walk a little less on those impossible weather days. After a few weeks you will not want to miss your daily walk. You will feel that it is doing your health so much good that you will not want to miss even one day. If possible find someone to walk with as it is more fun that way.

Keep a positive attitude. If friends ask how your diet is going then tell them it is progressing really well and believe that you can achieve your goals. Don't wallow in misery because you miss chocolate mud cake. Just think how privileged you are to be eating a dozen cherries that you would never normally buy in the middle of winter.

Visualize the slimmer you. Visualize yourself walking faster, swimming more laps, gaining confidence because you believe in your new lifestyle.

Don't stop your new lifestyle when you stumble. Get back up and start again. It is worth the effort. You know it is.

By the way, a teaspoon of cinnamon per day is said to be an appetite suppressant. Studies have shown that it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal too.


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