Preventing nails from splitting and flaking


Most women have their hands in hot washing up water several times a day not to mention the number of times our hands are in contact with water when we wash them after we have been to the loo each time. The continual softening of nails by water is the most common reason why nails flake and split.

Rubber gloves - The first preventive measure is to wear cotton-lined rubber gloves each time you wash the dishes. I know it is a pian in the neck to wear them but they will also protect the skin on your hands. The chemical ingredients of dish washing liquid are very drying to the skin so it is a win-win situation to wear gloves when washing up.

Moisturizer - Each time you wash your hands for any reason you must apply a moisturizer and rub it in well into the cuticles in particular. Moisturizers with Vitamin E and jojoba oil in them would be an ideal choice.

Filing nails - When you use a nail file don't use a back and forth motion as it will weaken the edges of your nails. Only file from one direction. Also, never file your nails when they are wet. Keep your nails relatively short until the condition of them has improved.

Nail polish - If you wear nail polish you will be removing it with nail polish remover which is often made from acetone or other chemicals. Acetone is a very harsh chemical and dries out nails in a big way. If you must wear nail polish then give your nails a final coat with a hardening, protective polish so that your nail polish is protected more and chips less. If your nail polish stays intact then you will be less likely to keep removing it and you will therefore use far less acetone or other chemicals.

Buff your nails - Rather than using nail polish and nail polish removers why not simply buff your nails until they are shiny. You have to put some effort in to it but it is far healthier than using strong chemicals on your nails.

Strong chemicals and cleaners - Strong chemicals of any sort can be very damaging to nails. Always wear gloves in these situations.

Stress - Are you suffering from stress? This can often be a cause of splitting nails.

Diet - Essential fatty acids are likely to keep your nails stronger. Eat more foods containing essential fatty acids that are found in fish and nuts.

IF NO IMPROVEMENT is evident after a few weeks then please visit your G.P. as you may have a fungal or yeast infection which will need treating .


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