How to remove blackheads


There are many home remedies out there for removing blackheads. I have facial blemishes but luckily for me I don't have blackheads so I'm afraid I've not tried any of these. If you find any of these are particularly successful for you, please email me to let me know.

Exfoliation is necessary to remove dead skin cells so that needs to be tackled first. If you have dry skin you may find you can only exfoliate your face once a week. If you have oily skin you may be able to exfoliate it every day. Here are a couple of nice home made exfoliants you can try rather than buying a shop product.

Regular exfoliation itself will remove a lot of impurities from your skin and doing that alone should decrease blackheads in general over a period of a couple of weeks. Further to that you can try the following;

Witch Hazel - After using a cleanse,r dab your face with Witch Hazel using a cotton ball. Witch Hazel is available from pharmacies and some supermarkets.

Egg whites - Beat an egg white and smother onto blackhead areas. Surprisingly, the use of egg white on burns is now being realized. It consists of collagen which rejuvenates skin. Sensible when you think about it.

Lemon juice - With a cotton bud, dab lemon juice onto affected areas. Lemon juice is very astringent so go easy the first few times you use it.

Grated potato - Grate a potato and squeeze out all the excess water. Lay down and place the potato on the blackhead areas.

Oatmeal & Rosewater - Grind oatmeal and add sufficient rose water to make a paste. smooth onto face and wash off after 15 minutes.

Lemon juice & cinnamon - Mix equal quantities of lemon juice and cinnamon. Dab onto the affected areas.

Epsom salts & iodine - Into 1/4 cup of hot water add 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts and four drops of iodine. Mix and cool. Dab onto affected areas with cotton balls.

Bi-Carb soda - Make a paste from a few teaspoons of Bi-Carb (baking soda) mixed with boiled water. Smooth onto the blackhead areas. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse.

Your diet - Look at decreasing your intake of both sweet and fatty foods and replace them with more fish, raw fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Increase Vitamin E intake - Vitamin E has anti-oxidant properties that heal and repair skin. Try to eat more Vitamin E rich foods such as sunflower seeds, nuts (particularly almonds), tomatoes, apricots, olives and spinach. Vitamin E is also said to reduce skin damage from sun exposure.

Increase Vitamin C intake - The role of Vitamin C is to fight infection. Skin conditions such as pimples and acne are infections and thus respond well to an increase in Vitamin C.

Foods rich in Vitamin C are citrus fruits such as oranges, red capsicums, broccoli, paw paw (papaya) and kiwi fruits.


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