Moisturizing your skin - tips and hints


Each night after cleansing and toning your face you need to moisturize it. Use a product that will enable your skin to repair itself whilst you sleep. You can re-vitalize your skin with moisturizers that have Vitamin C or Vitamin E in them. Both of these are anti-oxidants that will help restore the skin's collagen. They minimize free radicals formed by our exposure to the sun, to smoking and to general pollution.

Vitamin E cream can be purchased very cheaply from Stores like Priceline. Rosken Skin Repair is a good one that we use here. Vitamin C cream is a little more difficult to source. I buy ours from a health store and it comes from Avalon Organics.

Moisturizing tips and hints

During winter months, falling temperatures, indoor heating with the ensuing low room humidity, can remove a lot of moisture from the skin and cause dryness. Use a humidifier in your home in winter to increase the air humidity. Your skin will stay more hydrated and healthy.

In winter wear a warm air of gloves when going outdoors. This will decrease the amount of moisture lost out of your hands.

The most effective moisturizers contain the most oil.

Ensure you drink plenty of water in winter as well as summer. It is easy to remember to drink extra in summer but easy to forget in winter.

Warm showers take far less moisture out of your skin than hot showers. Hot showers remove too many oils. Limit your showers to 5 minutes.

Moisturize your skin within 3 minutes of exiting the shower or bath. A small amount of water still remains on your skin after towelling yourself dry. Applying moisturizer within 3 minutes helps retain some of that water moisture.

Each morning before you leave home use a moisturizer that has a high sun protection factor.

Treat your neck as if it were your face.

Use Vaseline or lip balm on dry or chapped lips, especially when going outdoors.

Sorbolene is a very cheap moisturizer than can be purchased from pharmacies for as little as $5 for a large bottle.

Use unscented castor oil around your eye area before bed.

Aloe Vera juice mixed with mineral water will moisturize and heal skin.


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