Make up - hints and tips


Make up is not essential to life although many people mistakenly believe it is. We all have an innate beauty that has nothing to do with physical appearance.

Frequently make up is worn to make a person "look good" and hence feel better about themselves. Unless it is done for a specific purpose then most of us would prefer to wear make up that looks as natural as possible. The following hints have been compiled with this aim.


Make up application - hints and tips

Always ensure you face is scrupulously clean before applying make up, otherwise you will just trap bacteria under your make up. After your face is clean apply toner and then moisturizer. Only then should you apply your make up.

Properly applied make up can and should leave your face looking flawless and natural.

If necessary, get help from cosmetic staff to choose the correct foundation for your skin and colouring. Foundation is the basis of your make up and it is important to get it right. Your foundation must match well with your neck because you will be blending it down to you neck. When sampling foundations in a shop you must trial the colour and then go outside in the sunlight to check it before making your final decision.

When buying foundation you should choose one with a sun protection factor of at least 15+.

If you have older and/or drier skin then it may be better for you to buy a richer foundation that will improve the moisture level of your skin. Oilier skin may require a water based foundation.

When choosing a blusher find one that is as close as possible to your own cheek colour when you blush. Remember you want your make up to your face a natural look. To do this you may have to gently pinch one cheek

People with blonde/fair hair may prefer to use brown mascara as it looks more natural than using black.

When using lipstick try using a lip brush. You will get far more use from your lipstick by doing this.

A lip brush is also better for applying lip gloss.

If you use concealer then you must apply it after you have applied foundation, not before.

Apply foundation or concealer to your lips before putting lipstick on. The lipstick then stays on better.

If you have small eyes and wish to make them look larger then stick to lighter colours of eye shadow.

After applying make-up spray your face with a fine mist of mineral water.


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