Puffy eyes and dark circles under your eyes


Dark circles and bags under the eyes can sometimes be caused by lack of sleep but often they are caused by allergies or they may be hereditary. Other causes can be gluten intolerance, poor nutrition, consuming too much alcohol, caffeine and/or cigarette smoking.

Problem caused by allergies - If you feel allergies could be your problem then you need to be tested by a professional. If the allergen can be identified then you may be able to avoid it or otherwise be de-sensitized to it. Nasal congestion caused by allergies is a prime cause of dark circles under the eyes.

Hereditary causes - Take a look at your parents and other family members. If they have dark circles or bags then you might just have the family curse.

Gluten intolerance - Gluten is found commonly in wheat but is also in other grains. Some people are gluten intolerant but others are more affected and have celiac disease. You can be tested for celiac disease by having a blood test. Even though you may not have celiac disease you may still be intolerant of gluten. Try omitting foods with gluten in them for several weeks as a trial.

Poor nutrition, excess caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes - If you know these are your problems then cut out rubbish food. Salt is not good for puffy or dark eyes and that is just what a lot of fast food contains. Stop drinking alcohol, cut back on those coffees and stop smoking.


What can you do if none of the above apply?

Grate a potato and squeeze out all the juice. Lay down and place half the squeezed potato on each eye. Keep it there for about half an hour. Rinse your face with warm water.

Lay down for 15 minutes with slices of cucumber on your eyes, keeping your eyes closed for the procedure as the cucumber juice may sting. This is also a great remedy for puffy eyes. This remedy is also useful for those with tired eyes caused by working in front of a computer all day. Rinse your eyes with warm water after treatment.

Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water per day. Water helps to cleanse your system and remove impurities.

Try placing cold, moist tea bags on your eyes, preferably in the morning. Again, it is best to lay down for this procedure. The tannin in the tea is said to reduce discolouration and swelling. Rinse your face with warm water.

Find an eye cream with Vitamins B6 and K in them. Creams with Retinol may also be useful,They are said to make a significant difference to the problem.

Avoid rubbing your eyes. The skin around and below your eyes is the most delicate in your body and can bruise easily so handle that area with care.

PLEASE NOTE: Dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of liver disease.


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