Cleansing your skin - facial rejuvenation


One of the uses of our skin is to detoxify our bodies and enable the removal of metabolic wastes.

Cleansing your skin twice daily with a good soap and water is the norm for many people. However standard soap can often be one of the worst cleansers for you face. It might be fine for the rest of your body but not delicate facial skin where it sometimes creates further problems. Whatever your situation, don't ever rub your face and delicate areas too hard or use water that is too hot.


Cleansing your skin - try these tips and hints - learn cleansing facts

About 10% of the body's waste materials are lost through the skin.

Skin cleansing doesn't always have to be attacked from the outside. We can help our skin cleanse itself from the inside by drinking lots of water every day. The latest recommendation is 2 litres for women and 2.5 litres daily for men.

Skin cleansing via brushing the skin can remove toxins from the body. Use a loofah or a natural bristle brush. Buy a good quality implement from a chemist shop or a health food shop. Start at the outer extremities of the body and work in small circles. Do not brush sensitive areas of the body. You can use a bristle brush first and then a loofah to remove the cells scrubbed by the brush. Use the loofah in a warm/hot shower. Moisturize your skin afterwards. This is very important.

Hot and cold showers improve circulation which in turn improves the skin tone and condition. Start with a short hot shower of about 3 minutes, followed by a cold shower of only 1 minute then a short hot shower again. You can continue with hot, cold, hot etc. but make sure the last shower is a cold one.

Liquid cleansers need to be applied with a cotton ball - not with your fingers which can be germ laden.

Sorbolene is an excellent and very cheap skin cleanser. It is used frequently in nursing centres, especially those that care for elderly people who have very delicate and thin skin.

An alternative that I use is Dermaveen. It is a soap-free wash that I can personally recommend for dry and sensitive skin. You can notice a difference in your skin the first time you use it. It is available at pharmacies.

Juice a cucumber and add it to one tablespoon of plain yoghurt and one teaspoon of brewers yeast. Use this to cleanse the skin twice daily. It needs to be stored in the fridge.

If need be, you can visit a cosmetic counter and find out your skin type. Then buy a product that is suitable for your facial skin.

To remove make-up use extra virgin coconut oil. Oils do not clog pores but creams sometimes do.

Cleaning oily skin more than twice a day can lead to your skin producing more oil and hence a vicious circle.

.............and remember it is never too early or too late to begin looking after your skin.


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