Handy kitchen and food tips, page 2

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If you need to bring milk to a boil in the pan add a teaspoon of water to it and I'm told it won't form a skin on the top. I haven't tried this myself as yet.

Rather than using an egg ring to make a nice rounded fried egg, use a slice from a large red capsicum instead. Adds a nice bit of Vitamin C plus there is no egg ring to clean up afterwards.

Make double the quantity of foods that will freeze well, i.e. soups, pies, stews. It's comforting to know you always have a meal ready in the freezer.

Always take a pre-packed lunch to work rather than buying it. This saves an enormous amount of money.

Place over-ripe tomatoes in cold water with a little salt. Leave over-night and they should be much firmer in the morning.

To keep your tin opener clean and hygienic scrub it with a soapy toothbrush. A toothbrush loaded with Jif is also handy to clean behind taps on your sink.

To keep cake fresh for longer place a cut apple in the container.

When whipping cream don't use an aluminium bowl as it will give the cream a greyish appearance and it will taste metallic. Stainless steel is fine.

For a quick decorative effect on the top of cake place a paper or plastic doily on top and then gently sift icing sugar over it. Carefully remove the doily.

If a cake is sticking to the bottom of a cake tin try holding the tin over low heat such as a flame. It should then loosen easily.

To make decorative ice cubes pop a small sprig of mint or lemon balm into them. If you have flowers from edible herbs these can also be used. Borage flowers are particularly effective because of their blue colour.

When making stews or casseroles, replace one cup of liquid with one cup of black coffee. I know this sounds weird but it is delicious. It definitely won't taste like coffee flavoured stew.

When cooking a cheese dish you can add a small amount of beer -recipe permitting. Beer brings out the flavour of cheese.

I'm told that fish will scale easier if you rub the scaled side with vinegar. I don't ever have fish with scales on it so I can't say if this works or not.

When making kebabs, soak the bamboo sticks in water first so that they don't burn.

When measuring butter or margarine by the cupful first line the cup with plastic wrap. Less washing up and less wastage.

If you use plastic bins liners and have suction problems with the full bag not wanting to be pulled out then drill some holes in the base of the bin.


More hints and tips: [1] ~ [2] ~ [3]