Make Your Own Biscuits - So Much Cheaper Than Buying Them

I absolutely love biscuits or cookies. For me, a cup of tea is not complete without a biscuit or two (or three) to go with it. Unfortunately I haven't come across any biscuit or cookie recipes that are particularly healthy. If anyone has any healthy recipes, particularly for biscuits that stay crisp then please do share them with us.


Adapt your biscuits and cookies with alternative ingredients

Once you have a basic biscuit recipe that works for you then you can adapt it to suit all sorts of ingredients. For example, if you haven't got choc chips on hand then you can substitute chopped nuts instead. A cookie that has cornflakes and sultanas in it can easily convert into a coffee and pecan biscuit.

I tend not to make biscuits that are rolled out purely because they take more time to make but I must admit they do stay nice and crisp. I have a tendency to make drop biscuits which are spooned directly onto a baking tray.


All-Bran and Sultana Biscuits
As healthy as a sweet biscuit could be

Anzac Biscuits
Traditional Australian biscuits that keep so well

Butterscotch Melters
Custard powder is an ingredient

Cheese And Paprika Biscuits
These are very more-ish

Cheese and Rosemary, Processor Biscuits
The rosemary adds a yummy aroma

Barry's Mum's Kisses
These biscuits melt in your mouth

Chocolate Cherub Biscuits
Dense chocolatey biscuit made from Weetbix

Coconut Macaroons
Somewhere between a biscuit and a cake

Kwiksy Mixy Biscuits
Oats and chocolate in these easy to make biscuits

Peanut Butter Crunch Biscuits
These biscuits stay crisp for ages and have a crunchy sugar coating

Peanut Choc Chip Cookies
Peanut butter is one of the ingredients

Petticoat Shortbreads
Simple to make and they keep well in an air-tight container




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