About Me: Jean Morrison

Jean Morrison This is me - Jean

This is a tarted up picture of me, hopefully looking younger than I really am. I fiddled with the photo and got rid of a few wrinkles.

First of all I'll make it clear that I don't like cooking. That might be strange coming from someone who has a website with a couple of hundred food recipes on it. I used to enjoy cooking more when the kids were little but now, with both the kids having flown the coop, it's often become a case of "Well what's the point of doing a load of fancy cooking with only two of us here to eat it". Not a good attitude is it?


Most of what we eat is cooked from scratch. I'm not into supermarket pasta sauces, Tim Tam biscuits or Kentucky Fried Chicken. I pick up new products on the supermarket shelves, check out their ingredients and more often than not I put them back on the shelf. I'm particularly keen on checking out the saturated fat content of pre-packaged foods and also how much trans fat they contain. So many foods these days contain trans fatty acids. They are deadly to our health. The food processing industry relies on trans fats in food to ensure a stable product that has an extended shelf life. The fats we consume in our processed foods are killing us. And don't think that fats just affect your heart. They affect your brain as well. Our brains take up about 2% of our body weight yet they use about 20% of the energy our bodies produce from the food we consume. We simply can't continue shovelling fat into our bodies and coating our cells with the darned stuff.

These days we can buy healthier margarines if we need to use them in recipes that contain butter. But margarines are not all equal. Of late I've been using Nuttelex as it seems to work well if I need it for a cake recipe. Back in the old days I used butter for cakes because it seemed more natural than using man-made margarines but I've turned full circle and now I rarely buy butter. Yes, it tastes nice but there is more to life than the taste of fat.

Anyway, over the years I've gathered up a load of recipes, all invented by me, that my family likes. In the main they are pretty healthy and easy to prepare plus they don't contain expensive ingredients. I share them with you on this site. My hope is that more people will be inspired by this website and cook for themselves rather than buying commercially prepared food.

I'm very much "into" using natural products for cleaning, for quick-fix health remedies and around the garden too. All in all, I like to minimize the footprint I make on the planet. There is a lot of information about that on this website too.

When I'm not working on this website I'm a business owner. I work for myself selling decorative metal walls and ceilings. I created the business myself so I'm quite proud of my efforts. When time and money permit I enjoy travelling. Last year I went to the Himalayas and the year before that I travelled by train right across Russia. I just wish there was more opportunity to travel. I wish Australia wasn't so far away from the rest of the world and then travelling by air wouldn't be so expensive. Such is life....


Jean Morrison