Learn how to "DIY" and save big dollars

When you think about starting a DIY job you will often find there are other jobs that need to be done before you start the main project. Then, when you have finished the project you look at other areas within your home and realize you could make improvements there as well.

If you want to tackle DIY jobs yourself you need to be fully informed so that you don't waste money or precious time. Through my work in the construction industry I'm continually finding this type of information. I'm making the information available to you through this web site to save you time looking for it yourself.



You can now learn the basic nitty-gritty on how to do the following DIY jobs:

Hanging wallpaper - Stripping paper off, hanging paper, types of wallpaper and calculating quantities

Framing and hanging doors - Diagrams, charts and photographs

Insulation and its importance - Installation guide, tips and facts

Removing stains from brickwork - Covers interiors, exteriors and historic buildings

Re-pointing bricks - Tools and procedures are illustrated here

Re-sashing windows - A fiddly job made easier

Replacing glass in a window - Tutorial and guidelines on how to replace glass

Fixing the treads and risers in stairs - Hints and tips and one person's personal stair fixing story

Fixing the damp in your home - Causes and cures for dampness. Damp basements

Finding and fixing a leak in the shower - First find out how to locate the leak and then fix it

Clearing a blocked drain - Deals with sinks, toilets, showers and drains

Repairing a leaking tap - Fixing instructions plus heaps of water saving tips and hints

Hanging pictures and photographs - Also includes hanging themes, styles and calculations

Fixing roof tiles and shingles - Q & A's on all types of roofs, chimneys, gutterings & flashings

Preventing storm and water damage - Firstly find out how to decrease your chances of problems